Fighting Back

Sometimes GOD ​Gives Us Hard Times
To Appreciate The Good Ones!

I have learned that Life tends to throw unexpected curve­ balls at you, and most of the
time, it is when you are not ready for them!

This past December everything was going really well. I was getting ready for my very
first level 10 season, which is my very favorite time of the year as I live for competing!
Right before my mock meet, I found out I had a stress fracture in my elbow. At first, it
was completely devastating, there were lots of frustration and tears but then I decided to
focus on the positive and all the things that I could do and not be sad over the things I
couldn’t. I sat down and made lists of ALL the things that I could STILL do, plus all the
upgrades that I could acquire during my “down” time. You can always get stronger, plus
I focused on the two events I could do, Beam and Floor. I acquired a ton of new skills
and new connections!

I didn’t want that one doctor’s visit to define who I am. Over the last few months I have
become a stronger person, (both physically and mentally) and I didn’t let that one little
injury affect me. Now, I am focusing on getting all of my skills back and getting a ton of
new upgrades. I am going to come back even stronger than before because through
this whole journey, I never lost faith in GOD and his plans for the future.
One of my favorite quotes is…

“Your past NEVER ​defines your

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