“The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come!”

This quote is perfect for me, because I have been struggling on bars the last few weeks. It would have been so easy to just give up, but that’s not who I am! Every day I work hard to get through my struggles.

Yesterday, I had my very first Level 9 mock meet. I was so proud, because I hit 4 for 4 on the events! I felt so accomplished after I made my bar routine! “I have a long way to go, but thank God I am closer than I was yesterday!”  Gymnastics is such an amazing sport. You put your heart and soul into everything, along with so much hard work and determination. In the end, it is so worth it!

I am so excited to be able to continue to follow my dreams, even knowing there will be struggles ahead.  I know I can do it!




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